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Remote Resume: How to Wow During a Virtual Interview

Yes, virtual interviews have become the new normal--ugh, we hate that phrase. However, before COVID-19 swept the United States, virtual interviews were not so uncommon.

My first & only "big girl" interview was virtual. I lived in Kansas when I was job hunting in Oklahoma and couldn't drive down for interviews. Thankfully, my school district was accommodating enough to interview me remotely.

Yes, I got the job, but not without heavy prepping, profuse tears & a few technology glitches.

Here are my tips for virtual interviews:

1. Find yourself a professional-looking background. I sat on the floor and used a blank wall space behind me because we didn't own a table to sit at comfortably. I propped up my laptop on library books to the perfect height.

2. Don't stress about the dress. Remember, they can only see half of you. If picking out the perfect interview outfit gets you in a tizzy, focus on a crisp button-down and fixing your hair. I wore a white button-down, nice earrings and leggings.

3. Search the questions ahead of time. Go to trusty Google and search "typical interview questions for "insert career field here." Now, this may have just been my anxiety driving me, but preparing responses to questions ahead of time, so I wouldn't feel caught off guard, helped me a lot. It was my first interview out of college, and needless to say, I was a puddle of sweat.

4. Which brings me to my next point...they can't see you sweating, so it's all alright.

5. Laugh your way through technology issues. Don't get frustrated during the interview if technology issues occur because they probably will. If you humorously handle the situation, it will look better than getting angered. My internet was spotty in Kansas and I later found out that during the interview, my giant face was buffering on the school district's mounted conference room TV. And, they still hired me.

Hopefully my embarrassing, yet informational, virtual interviewing tips can help you nail your next interview. Good luck, quarantine job hunters 🤞🏼

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